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Welcome to the Online Instructor Resources for Philosophy: Traditional and Experimental Readings (edited by Fritz Allhoff, Ron Mallon, and Shaun Nichols).  These online materials are designed to provide you with resources for guiding your students through the philosophical issues and for assessing students’ understanding of the readings.  The Online Instructor Resources contain summaries and goals for each of the ten units to give you an idea of what students might be expected to do after completing each unit, summaries of each of the readings for easy reference, short PowerPoint slides to serve as a starting point for lectures, essay/discussion questions to assess students’ understanding and application of the concepts, multiple-choice questions to assess students’ reading comprehension, and web links to additional resources relevant to each unit.  In addition to the Online Instructor Resources, there are also Online Student Resources available to assist students in understanding the material in the text.  These resources include interactive flashcards of key terms, multiple-choice interactive quizzes, essay/discussion questions, and web links for each unit.

In About the Book, you will find:

  • General notes about the book
  • About the editors
  • The full Table of Contents

In Instructor Resources you will find:

  • Summaries and goals of each reading for main ideas and easy reference
  • Essay/Discussion Questions for each chapter.
  • A downloadable Test Bank in Word format, which includes Multiple-Choice questions for each chapter.
  • Lecture Outlines in PowerPoint format
  • Web Links to informative sites

In Student Resources you will find:

  • Multiple Choice Self-Quizzes that are autograded and designed to give you quick feedback on your performance
  • Essay/Discussion Questions that encourage analysis of each reading
  • Interactive Flashcards with key terms
  • Web Links to informative sites

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