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Original Texts

1. Arnold Schoenberg. Gurrelieder: Guide

2. Arnold Schoenberg, Chamber Symphony, Op. 9: Thematic Analysis

3. Pelleas und Melisande (after the drama by Maurice Maeterlinck). Symphonic Poem for Orchestra by Arnold Schoenberg, Op. 5: Thematic Analysis

4. Pelleas und Melisande (after the drama by Maurice Maeterlinck). Symphonic Poem for Orchestra by Arnold Schönberg, Op 5: Brief Thematic Analysis

5. The Musical Impotence of Hans Pfitzner's Die neue Aesthetic.

6. Vienna's Music Criticism: Two Feuilletons.

7. The Musical Forms in My Opera Wozzeck

8. Why Is Schoenberg's Music So Difficult to Understand?

9. Alban Berg's Chamber Concerto: An Open Letter

10. Committed Response to a Noncommittal Survey

11. Composition with Twelve Tones

12. Nine Pages on the Lyric Suite

13. Introducing Ernst Krenek

14. The "Problem of Opera": Pro Mundo - Pro Domo

15. The Voice in Opera

16. What is Atonal? A Dialogue

17. Lecture on Wozzeck: The "Atonal Opera"

18. Credo

19. A Few Remarks on Staging the Opera Wozzeck

20. Commemorative Address for Emil Hertzka

21. The Teacher

22. On Willem Mengelberg and the Concertgebouw Orchestra

23. On the Hundredth Anniversary of Franz Schubert's Death

24. Double Acrostic Distichs for the Tenth of December

25. On Winfried Zillig

26. To Karl Kraus

27. Handel and Bach

28. Faith, Hope, and Love: For Schoenberg's Sixtieth Birthday

29. With the Composer of Wozzeck: A Conversation with Alban Berg

30. A Chat with Alban Berg

31. Conversation with Alban Berg: Impressions from a Wozzeck Performance in Leningrad

32. Berg's Wozzeck in Leningrad: Remarks by the Composer

33. A Conversation with Alban Berg

34. Critique of the Critique: Conversation with Alan Berg and Clemens Krauss

35. We spoke today with Alban Berg

36. Hanna

37. A Mining Drama

38. Night (Nocture): Preliminary Plan, Notes for the Monodrama

39. An Appeal for Schoenberg

40. On Mahler's Ninth Symphony

41. Two Prospectuses for the Society for Private Musical Performances

42. Letter from Vienna

43. Questions about Jazz

44. Opera Theater

45. On Reopening the Vienna Volksoper

46. Should Wagner Stagings Be Modernized?

47. On Composition with Twelve-Tone Rows

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