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This Instructor’s Manual provides teaching aides to supplement Social Work Practice: A Critical Thinker’s Guide. In addition, the knowledge, performance and outcome competencies included at the end of each chapter in the text can be used in a variety of ways (e.g., as test items on written quizzes or in reviewing specific competencies in role plays, or methods used and outcomes attained in field work). These aides are designed to encourage transfer of knowledge and skills to practice situations.

Making material directly relevant to students’ work with clients or to the student’s own life or the well being of their loved ones is the best way to make it come alive. You can relate material to the origins of evidence-based practice reflecting the need for skepticism; that is, if we are not skeptical of claims, we may harm rather than help our clients. The teaching aides in the Instructor’s Manual fall into the following categories: 1) suggestions for class discussion, 2) group projects, 3) short answer essay questions, and 4) exercises for class use or for assignments.  Many exercises in the Instructor’s Manual are based on exhibits in the text and reproduced here for ease of use. The group projects, essay questions and exercises emphasize active learning in which students apply content to practice situations. References referred to with just names and dates can be found in the reference list in the text.


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