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Review Questions

  1. Define the term culture, and identify the various cocultural groups to which you belong.

  2. Cite the salience you apply to other cultures when identifying the "us" from "them."

  3. What are the distinctive cultural values and norms that influence communication challenges?

  4. Social media differ from face-to-face communication through three characteristics. Identify each, and compare and contrast them all.

  5. What are the uses of social media, and how do people receive gratification from them?

  6. Identify the characteristics of social media communication competency.

  7. The accelerating pace of communication innovation is markedly obvious between the under-30 and the over-30 age groups. Which answer highlights this difference most accurately?

    _____ over 30 use face-to-face for business and social media for fun

    _____ under 30 are distrustful of nonverbal cues highlighting salience

    _____ under 30 prefer social networking and texting twice as much

    _____ over 30 have established identities and thus are more competent

    _____ under 30 think faster and react more quickly to asynchronous messages

  8. Scholarship suggests three strategies for moving toward a more mindful, competent style of intercultural communication. What are they?

    _____ interruption, interference, and investigation

    _____ prejudice, stereotyping, and disinhibition

    _____ conformity, compliance, and convenience

    _____ passive observation, active strategies, and self-disclosure

    _____ ethnocentrism, discrimination, and minority rule

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