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Table of Contents

Part I Grounding

Chapter 1 Approaching Culture in Cross-Cultural Technology Design

Chapter 2 User Experience in Global Context

Chapter 3 Integrating Action and Meaning in Cross-Cultural Design

Chapter 4 CLUE as a Framework for Cross-Cultural User Experience Research

Part II Experiences

Chapter 5 Sophie's Story: New Chocolate at Work

Chapter 6 Lili's Story: Pure Water in Social Network

Chapter 7 Brian's Story: Conversations Carried through My Fingers

Chapter 8 Mei's Story: "Idioms Solitaire" Between Sports Fans

Chapter 9 Emma's Story: More than a Nice Gesture in a Technology-Mediated Life

Part III Implications

Chapter 10 Culturally Localized User Experience as Situated and Constructed

Chapter 11 Future Directions

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C



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