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About the Book

Advance Praise for Cross-Cultural Technology Design: Creating Culture-Sensitive Technology for Local Users

"This insightful text offers a grounded approach to rethinking technology design, and gives a framework for creating innovative design, development, and deployment practices. Sun's work highlights how purely instrumental, generalized task approaches fail to provide an understanding of how communication technologies are taken up and adapted. She illustrates clearly the ways in which traditional HCI and interaction design methods tend to miss the fact that technology and culture are intricately intertwined. Her approach reminds us to look to the playfulness and creativity of the everyday 'users' in their context. Without resorting to simplistic models of cultural, cognitive or technological determinism, Sun helps us to rethink the design of artifacts that always are consumed, used and transformed within a culturally located milieu."
Elizabeth Churchill, Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research and VP of ACM SigCHI

"Huatong Sun has constructed a deeply thoughtful treatise on culturally localized user-experience design that is oriented to the concepts of action and meaning, to the awareness of context and human motivation, and to the nuances of rhetoric within semiotics. She offers an enlightening, but also useful set of theoretical principles, case histories, and scholarly implications that should assist researchers and analysts in creating products and services that are more evolved, sophisticated, humanistic, and successful."
Aaron Marcus, President, Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc., Berkeley, California, USA

"Dr. Sun's book asks difficult questions about localization, usability, and culture, and she supports those questions by providing us with tools for discovering answers. Dr. Sun argues that there is a disconnect between action and meaning in design and research practices and sets out to construct a way to remedy this disconnect. She takes culture more seriously than most scholars working in this area, and she also provides us with some of the richest portraits of user knowledge that I have read. Dr. Sun has written a book that will cause readers to question, to argue, to modify, and to inquire. For these reasons, this is a book that will be immensely useful to researchers, teachers, and designers alike."
Jeff Grabill, Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Writing, Michigan State University

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