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Discoveries from the Fortepiano

From the author

Welcome to the companion website for Discoveries from the Fortepiano. Discoveries… was written for seekers of truth. For, it is our strong desire for knowledge and musical honesty that makes us go back to the fortepiano—looking back to impact how we move forward. Whether you are searching for your first discoveries or are well on the path, you will find new truths as a result of your work in this book. You will uncover truths surrounding eighteenth-century philosophical beliefs and fundamental Classical Era performance practice principles. Synthesis of primary sources and scholarly interpretations of eighteenth century performance practice will make comprehensible that which may have been baffling. Practices and principles such as Affekt and “good taste,” the foundation on which the style is based; the Viennese five-octave fortepiano; and period music notational language will be uncovered. Each period practice is examined and explained, as well as compared and contrasted to, modern understanding. In doing so, you will discover tools (rather than rules) to get at the heart of an eighteenth-century sound aesthetic.

You will discover applicable truths for modern playing today: specific answers to performance questions regarding period influences on the modern piano, including technique, dynamics, articulation, rhythm, ornamentation, and pedaling. You will be equipped to pass your discoveries on to the next generation of seekers by way of sample model lessons. As a result of your discoveries, you will be afforded the freedom to craft an authentic, historically informed performance (HIP) style—one that is truly your own; making what was old, new again.

To make the most of your Discoveries… , it is suggested you utilize the resources on this companion website concurrently as you work through the text. Extended discussion, in-depth citations, tables, diagrams, and audio files all come together for maximum insight. Each chapter is organized clearly in a user-friendly format in the Quick Reference Guide section.

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