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Short Answer Questions

  1. What is enumerative induction?

  2. What is a target population? a sample? a relevant property?

  3. In what ways can an enumerative induction fail to be strong?

  4. What is a hasty generalization?

  5. What is the difference between a representative sample and a biased sample?

  6. What two characteristics must a representative sample have?

  7. What two characteristics must a credible opinion poll have?

  8. What is the purpose of random sampling?

  9. What is a common margin of error for national polls?

  10. What is the usual confidence level in a national opinion poll?

  11. What is an analogy?

  12. What is the argument pattern of an analogical induction?

  13. How might an analogical induction be used in medical science? law?

  14. What are the four criteria for evaluating an argument by analogy?

  15. What is a causal argument?

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