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Short Answer Questions

  1. What is categorical logic?

  2. What is a categorical statement?

  3. What are the four standard forms of categorical statements and what letters of the alphabet designate them?

  4. What are the four main parts of a categorical statement?

  5. What is a quantifier?

  6. What does the term quality refer to in regard to categorical statement?

  7. What is the first step in translating statements into standard form?

  8. What term (subject or predicate) do the words “only” and “only if” precede in an A-statement?

  9. What term do the words “the only” precede in an A-statement?

  10. How can a singular statement be translated into standard form?

  11. What are the quantifiers for these statements: “Every soldier is a warrior” and “Kangaroos are good jumpers”?

  12. What is the Venn diagram for an I-statement? for an A-statement?

  13. What is the Venn diagram for “All S are non-P”? What is the diagram for “No P are S”? Are these two statements equivalent?

  14. What is a categorical syllogism?

  15. What is the major term in a categorical syllogism? the minor term?

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