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Short Answer Questions

  1. What is propositional logic?

  2. What are logical connectives?

  3. What are the symbols for, and the meaning of, the four logical connectives?

  4. What is a simple statement? A compound statement?

  5. What is a truth table?

  6. In what situation is a conjunction false (or true)?

  7. What is a disjunct?

  8. Under what circumstances is a disjunction true (or false)?

  9. What is the logical symbol for negation?

  10. Under what circumstance is a conditional false?

  11. What part of a conditional (antecedent or consequent) does “only if” introduce? “Unless”? “If”?

  12. The truth-table test is based on what elementary fact about validity?

  13. What is the short method of argument evaluation?

  14. What is the symbolization for the statement “It is not the case that either Alice walks home or Jan walks home”?

  15. How is a hypothetical syllogism expressed in symbolic form?

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