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Short Answer Questions

  1. What is a fallacy?

  2. According to the text, what are two broad categories of fallacies?

  3. What is the genetic fallacy? Is the origin of a claim ever relevant to the truth of a claim?

  4. What is the fallacy of composition?

  5. What is the fallacy of division?

  6. What is the appeal to the person? What are two forms that this fallacy can take?

  7. What is the fallacy of tu quoque?

  8. What is poisoning the well?

  9. What is the fallacy of equivocation?

  10. What is appeal to the masses? Can what many people say on a subject ever provide reasons for believing a claim?

  11. What is appeal to tradition?

  12. What is appeal to ignorance? What are the two main types of this fallacy?

  13. What is the burden of proof? Usually the burden of proof rests on what side in a disagreement?

  14. What is the appeal to emotion? What is rhetoric? Is there anything inherently wrong with using rhetoric to persuade someone? When is the use of rhetoric fallacious?

  15. What is the fallacy of red herring?

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