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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. Category 1 obstacles to critical thinking include…
      a. Reasons and explanations
      b. Beliefs and claims
      c. Fears, attitudes, and motivations
      d. Friends and relatives
  2. Self-interest alone…
      a. Cannot establish the truth of a claim
      b. Cannot be controlled
      c. Cannot affect our thinking
      d. Cannot affect our motivations and desires
  3. You are most likely to let your self-interest get in the way of clear thinking when you…
      a. Are indifferent to your circumstances
      b. Have a personal stake in the conclusions you reach
      c. Have no commitments
      d. Try to control your emotions
  4. A common flaw in reasoning is the failure to consider evidence or arguments that…
      a. Do not make sense
      b. Are unfounded
      c. Do not support preferred claims or positions
      d. Do not support any particular position
  5. The sign of a maturing intellect is having the will and the courage to gradually prune beliefs that are
      a. Uncomfortable
      b. Groundless
      c. Approved of by our group
      d. Unnecessary
  6. Your believing that something is true…
      a. Makes it probable
      b. Is irrational
      c. Makes it true
      d. Does not make it true
  7. According to social relativism, the beliefs of a society…
      a. Cannot be true
      b. Cannot be false
      c. Cannot be mistaken
      d. Can be mistaken
  8. Some philosophers have asserted that believing a proposition without good reasons is:
      a. Impossible
      b. Morally wrong
      c. Morally improbable
      d. Rational
  9. For critical thinkers, the best way to deal with group pressure is to:
      a. Proportion your belief to the strength of reasons
      b. Proportion your belief to the strength of group influence
      c. Reject claims endorsed by groups
      d. Accept only claims endorsed by preferred groups
  10. Psychologists have long known that a great deal of what we experience is…
      a. Radically perceived
      b. Without cause
      c. Fabricated by our minds
      d. Turned off by our minds.
  11. The worst approach to gauging the reliability of news sources is to …
      a. Judge the credibility of all sources
      b. Consider alternative views
      c. Rely only on news sources that reinforce our existing views
      d. Compare the content of several news sources
  12. The interesting thing about worldviews is that…
      a. They are beyond criticism
      b. They are all equally true.
      c. They are all false
      d. We all have one.
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