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Short Answer Questions

  1. What is a worldview?

  2. What is a moral statement? a nonmoral statement?

  3. What is the pattern of the standard moral argument?

  4. Is it possible to establish the conclusion of a moral argument without at least one moral premise?

  5. In evaluating a moral argument, why is it important to supply any implicit premise?

  6. What’s the point of treating moral arguments as deductive?

  7. What is a moral judgment?

  8. What is it that moral theories are designed to explain?

  9. How is the evaluation of moral theories like the evaluation of scientific theories?

  10. What are the three moral criteria of adequacy?

  11. What is a crucial criterion for judging a worldview?

  12. What is subjective relativism?

  13. What is social relativism?

  14. What is the first criterion of adequacy for moral theories?

  15. What is utilitarianism?

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