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About the Book

The Power of Critical Thinking: Effective Reasoning About Ordinary and Extraordinary Claims, Fifth Edition, explores the essentials of critical reasoning, argumentation, logic, and argumentative essay writing while also incorporating important topics that most other texts leave out, such as "inference to the best explanation," scientific reasoning, evidence and authority, visual reasoning, and obstacles to critical thinking.


* Hundreds of diverse exercises, examples, and illustrations

* Text boxes that apply critical thinking to student experience

* Step-by-step guidelines for evaluating claims, arguments, and explanations

* A glossary of important terms and many reminders, summaries, and review notes


*Substantial expansion of the formal logic chapters: Ch. 6, "Deductive Reasoning: Propositional Logic," covers the method of proof, rules of inference, and rules of replacement, and Ch. 7, "Deductive Reasoning: Categorical Logic" features detailed discussions of the square of opposition and categorical equivalence (conversion, obversion, and contraposition)

*Many updated and revised exercises, questions, and boxes that reflect current events, new student interests, and recent social changes

*New material on definitions, ambiguity, and vagueness (Ch. 5) and an updated test of scientific literacy (Ch. 10)

*Clearer discussions of background information (Ch. 2), the genetic fallacy (Ch. 5), appeal to the person (Ch. 5), and physical possibility (Ch. 10)

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