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Grammar Exercise B.2

Give the future and aorist of the following.

  1. ὁράω
      a. ὀρήσω; ὄρεον
      b. ὄψομαι; εἶδον
      c. ὀψήσω; ἰδόν
      d. ὀράομαι; εἶδον
  2. αἱρέω
      a. αἱρήσω; ἦθλον
      b. αἵρεσω; εἷλον
      c. αἱρήσω; ἦθλον
      d. αἱρήσω; εἷλον
  3. ἔρχομαι
      a. ἐρχήσομαι; ἦλθον
      b. ἐρχήσομαι; ἔλθω
      c. ἔλθω; εἶμι
      d. εἶμι; ἦλθον
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