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Welcome to the Companion Website for The Neuropsychology Fact-Finding Casebook: A Training Resource by Kirk J. Stucky, PsyD, ABPP and Shane S. Bush, PhD, ABPP.

On this site you can find Microsoft PowerPoint presentations based on the 24 cases described in the Casebook, covering the Initial Information, Reason for Referral, and History Gathering sections of each case. Also included is a downloadable PDF of the data sheet for each case. They These materials are intended to be used in study groups and workshops as a way to simulate a referred case. At various decision points, readers can consider next steps before continuing through the slides. You can access these with the username and password printed in "How to Use the Website" located just before the Index of your book.

About the book:

Use of a structured fact-finding approach that is based on sound clinical judgment and applied flexibly facilitates clinical decision making and patient care. Practicing the fact-finding model offered in this book will facilitate case conceptualization, diagnostic determinations, and recommendations for patients with a wide range of presenting problems.

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