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Chapter 5 : Musical Theater Meets Reality TV: -Christine Quail

Video Example 5.1: Over the Rainbow S01E17. CBC, November 5, 2012.

The Season Finale of Over the Rainbow features performances by the final three contestants, and the selection of the runner up, Stephanie La Rochelle, and the winner, Danielle Wade. In Chapter 5, I discuss the significance of the reality program using audience votes as an entertainment series, which casts the lead in a live musical theatre performance.

Web Example 5.1: #danielleisdorothy (Twitter)

The hashtag #danielleisdorothy was created by the program to encourage viewer interactivity. Most of the comments are congratulatory towards the winner of the program and promotional in nature.

Web Example 5.2: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria (2008, CBC)

The Canadian-adapted format How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria aired for six weeks in 2008 on the CBC. Because this program existed before the CBC embraced reality TV and the CMF changed its funding model, the CBC’s website does not contain the integrated technology developed for Over the Rainbow (see Example 5.4). The producer, Temple Street Productions, features the program on its website to demonstrate its production work. Photos, video clips, and some general information are still available at Temple Street today.

Web Example 5.3: Over the Rainbow (2012, CBC)

The CBC- and Temple Street Productions-adapted format Over the Rainbow features an integrated website that includes behind-the-scenes web content: Behind the Curtain (sponsored by Nikon), Dorothy Diaries, vlogs produced by/for each of the contestants (sponsored by Nikon), game-based interactive features, and information about the contestants and program. It also enabled visitors to purchase tickets to the live performance.

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