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About the Book


  • Adds only one new element per chapter and incorporates components from previous chapters into examples and exercises, continuously reinforcing learned skills
  • Integrates a rich variety of well-paced, graduated exercises for classroom study and individual practice outside of class
  • Includes an abundance of rhythmic exercises, eliminating the need for a separate rhythm text
  • Encourages students to participate actively (sing, chant, write, improvise) in the practice of each concept
  • Offers instructors great flexibility in that they can use the tonal and reading systems they prefer; the appendixes provide a brief overview of each system


  • Expanded material in Part II: Melodic Reading presents and reinforces more advanced concepts such as modulation, modal borrowing, and focus on the Neapolitan chord.
  • New exercises for C clefs, secondary triads, improvisation, and duets further enhance aural and reading skills.
  • Additional ensemble examples and examples from the standard repertoire introduce students to a wider variety of musical styles.
  • Redesigned for improved readability, the text provides clearer headings and larger musical examples throughout.
  • The enhanced in-text CD offers practice in the rhythm and tonal patterns introduced in the book.

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