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Chapter 4

Lee Grieveson: Visualizing Industrial Citizenship

Democracy in Education (ca. 1919) 5 min., 35mm; rev. ed. (1922) 6 min.

PRODUCTION-DISTRIBUTION: Ford Motor Co., Ford Motion Picture Laboratories. Film no. 11 in Ford Educational Library's Civics and Citizenship of the United States series. ACCESS: NARA (film, video, and online); Internet Archive, www.archive.org/details/democracy_in_education_ca_1919, and democracy_in_education_1922.

The Road to Happiness (1924) 3 reels (23 min. survive), 35mm

PRODUCTION: Ford Motor Co., Ford Motion Picture Laboratories, in cooperation with Bureau of Public Roads, U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as the Highway Education Board and National Automobile Chamber of Commerce. CAST: Frank and Annie Matthews (a farm couple), Louise Renker (teacher), Milton Delaney Hall and James R. Allison (members of Board of Supervisors), Charles Fenton Russell, Thomas H. MacDonald (as himself, chief of Bureau of Public Roads), President Calvin Coolidge. Published with booklet The Road to Happiness: A Highway Motion Picture. ACCESS: NARA (catalogued as in 13 parts). Also, DVD (Historic Fairfax City, 1985; 30 min., narration by George A. Hamill) and online via the Federal Highway Administration's Eisenhower Interstate Highway System website, www.fhwa.dot.gov/interstate/videogallery.htm.

Uncle Sam and the Bolsheviki-I.W.W. Rat (ca. 1919) 40 sec., 35mm

PRODUCTION: Ford Motor Co. ACCESS: NARA; DVD, Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film, 1900-1934 (National Film Preservation Foundation); http://www.filmpreservation.org/dvds-and-books/clips/uncle-sam-and-the-bolsheviki-i-w-w-rat-ca-1919.

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