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Chapter 3

Miriam Posner: Communicating Disease: Tuberculosis, Narrative, and Social Order in Thomas Edison's Red Cross Seal Films

The Temple of Moloch (1914) 1 reel (1,000 ft.); 35mm

PRODUCER: Thomas A. Edison, Inc. DIRECTOR: Langdon West. WRITERS: James Oppenheim, Mary Rider Mechtold. CAST: Warren Cook (Harrison Pratt), Nellie Grant (Mrs. Pratt), Bessie Learn (Eloise, their daughter), Yale Boss (Alfred, their son); Harold Vosburgh (Dr. Jordan), Carlton King (Eric Swanson, a former employee of Harrison Pratt), Mathilde Baring (Mrs. Swanson), the Swanson baby. SOURCE: 35mm print at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (not available for viewing). 16mm print at the Cineteca del Friuli, Gemona (Italy). 35mm print and VHS viewing copy, University of Michigan Historical Health Film Library. Nontheatrical distribution by Blackhawk Films; copy at www.archive.org/details/temple_of_moloch. RT: 13:19, including historical introduction text by Anthony Slide.

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