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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. An important model for the success of a heroic personality in political life at the turn of the nineteenth century was _________________________.
      a. Jean Jacques Rousseau
      b. Napoleon Bonaparte
      c. Robert Fulton
      d. Charles Darwin
      e. Karl Friedrich Zelter
  2. Beethoven's middle period is sometimes known as his _________________________.
      a. heroic period
      b. period of imitation
      c. period of reflection
      d. pastoral period
      e. Second Berlin School
  3. The Heiligenstadt Testament was Beethoven's _________________________.
      a. personal copy of the Bible
      b. Fifth Symphony
      c. reflection on his deafness and his vocation
      d. letter to the Immortal Beloved
      e. only opera
  4. The poet who wrote the text Beethoven used in his Ninth Symphony was _________________________.
      a. Lord Byron
      b. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
      c. E.T.A. Hoffmann
      d. Wilhelm Müller
      e. Friedrich Schiller
  5. Two important examples of the _________________________ are An die ferne Geliebte and Die schöne Müllerin.
      a. ballad
      b. German Romantic opera
      c. song cycle
      d. aria di sorbetto
      e. rescue opera
  6. _________________________ combined the folk ideal in song with personal interpretation of the song text.
      a. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
      b. Franz Schubert
      c. Carl Maria von Weber
      d. Karl Friedrich Zelter
      e. Johann Rudolf Zumsteeg
  7. _________________________ was idealized by early Romantic opera librettists because he provided a model of a great artist who succeeded despite his disregard for standard rules of artistic form.
      a. William Blake
      b. Luigi Cherubini
      c. Alexander Pope
      d. William Shakespeare
      e. Walt Whitman
  8. Italian opera composers in the early nineteenth century often used the process of _________________________ to recycle their music in order to keep up with the demand for new works.
      a. aria di sorbetto
      b. character variation
      c. organic unity
      d. parody
      e. reminiscence theme
  9. The rescue opera was created in _________________________ around 1800.
      a. Austria
      b. England
      c. France
      d. Germany
      e. Italy
  10. _________________________ never achieved much public acclaim and relied for his daily living on the generosity of his friends.
      a. Beethoven
      b. Cherubini
      c. Rossini
      d. Schubert
      e. Weber
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