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Study Guide Exercises

Additional Web-only exercises for Chapter 9

For each set of phenomena and accompanying theories listed below, determine which theory is most conservative.

  1. Phenomenon: Relief of hay fever symptoms in thirty people after they took a homeopathic remedy.

    Theory 1: Homeopathy relieved the symptoms.
    Theory 2: The placebo effect was behind the relief of symptoms.
    Theory 3: The full moon caused relief of symptoms.

  2. Phenomenon: Famed psychic Uri Geller seeming to bend spoons with his mind.

    Theory 1: He has psychic powers.
    Theory 2: He has tapped into a kind of energy unknown to science.
    Theory 3: He uses simple conjuring tricks that magicians regularly employ.

  3. Phenomenon: Your lazy but honest college friend who never studies and always does poorly on tests suddenly gets an A on a very tough calculus exam.

    Theory 1: He studied hard for the exam.
    Theory 2: He stole the test answers from the instructor's office.
    Theory 3: During the exam, he read the minds of the other students.

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