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Study Guide Exercises

Additional Web-only exercises for Chapter 8

For each of the following enumerative inductions, indicate whether the argument is strong or weak.

  1. Eighty percent of incoming first-year students at the college have SAT scores below 1200. Obviously most students here are below-1200 material.

  2. A recent scientific poll of Canadians shows that 60 percent of Canadian adults do not approve of the prime minister's handling of foreign policy. Let's face it: Most Canadians are disappointed in the prime minister's approach to foreign policy.

  3. A child was abducted and killed in Missouri last month. Another child was abducted from a shopping mall last week; later he was found murdered. Three years ago, two other children were abducted and murdered in Ohio. There can be no doubt now: The rate of child abduction-murders has reached epidemic proportions.

  4. Ninety-five percent of the members of a national women's rights group are pro-choice on the issue of abortion. How can this be? Somehow, while we weren't looking, the women in this country became pro-choice.

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