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Student Resources

This online Study Guide is a valuable addition to The Power of Critical Thinking. It will help you learn more from the text and hone your critical skills to a fine edge, or at least to an effective blunt instrument. Here are the features provided for each chapter in the text:

  • A summary of the main points

  • A list of chapter objectives, broken down by chapter subheads

  • A full set of study questions to help you understand and remember the chapter material

  • A short review quiz, with multiple-choice and true/false questions that are autograded to give you quick feedback on your performance.

  • Flashcards for studying the key terms

  • Additional chapter exercises found only in this guide

  • Web links to sites that add interesting information and food for thought relevant to chapter content

  • The chapter's Self-Assessment Quiz, automated to reveal the answers as you work through the questions

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