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Music, Thought, and Feeling

Welcome to the companion website for Music, Thought, and Feeling by William Forde Thompson, your hub to the text's audio Sound Examples.

Some SOUND EXAMPLES in the sidebars of the text point to usage of an online playlist. This playlist has been created using Spotify. Due to limitations of the Spotify Streaming Program, some SOUND EXAMPLES are not included in the Playlist as they are not hosted by Spotify.

Note: This site does not support Internet Explorer 9 or earlier, and may not support early versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

The Sound Examples are divided into two types:

1. Author-created Examples
These files were created by the author, his colleagues, and friends expressly for your use as you read Music, Thought, and Feeling. Simply click on the Sound Example to listen.

1.1 Ode to Joy Orchestra 7.3.1 With Appogiatura
1.2 Ode to Joy Sine 7.3.2 No Appogiatura
3.1 Guitar Harmonics 7.4.1 Neutral Affect
3.2 Critical Band 7.4.2 Positive Affect
3.3 Tambura 7.4.3 Negative Affect
3.4 Tuning 7.5.1 Bresin Anger
3.5 Shepard Scale 7.5.2 Bresin Sadness
3.6.1 Probe Tonic 7.5.3 Bresin Tenderness
3.6.2 Probe Tritone 7.5.4 Bresin Happiness
3.10.2 Where the Wind Meets the Sea 7.5.5 Livingstone Anger
4.2.1 Eine Kleine 7.5.6 Livingstone Sadness
4.2.2 Greensleeves 7.5.7 Livingstone Happiness
4.2.3 Sakura 7.5.8 Livingstone Tenderness
4.3 My Bonny 7.6.1 Hindustani Anger
4.4.1 Tone Row 7.6.2 Hindustani Joy
4.6 Circle of Fifths 7.6.3 Hindustani Sadness
4.8.1 Regular Meter 9.1.1 Ritardando
4.8.2 Scrambled Meter 9.1.2 Accelerando
4.10.1 Walking 9.1.3 Crescendo
4.10.2 Heartbeat 9.1.4 Diminuendo
4.10.3 Sucking 9.2.1 Brahms MIDI
4.11.1 No Ritardando 9.2.2 Brahms Human
4.11.2 With Ritardando 9.5.1 No Contrast
4.11.3 Halting 9.5.2 Medium Contrast
5.1.1 Infant Female 9.5.3 Exaggerated Contrast
5.1.2 Infant Male 9.5.4 Inverted Contrast
5.2 Tutsi 9.6.1 Lagrima Bad
5.3.1 No Final 9.6.2 Lagrima Better
5.3.2 With Final 10.6.1 Oops Original
5.4.1 Implied No Harmony 10.6.2 Oops Sim 1
5.4.2 Implied With Harmony 10.6.3 Oops Sim 2
6.2.1 BLUE Ties 10.6.4 Oops Sim 3
6.2.2 Blue TIES 10.6.5 Oops Sim 4
6.2.3 BLUE Ties Melody 10.6.6 Oops Sim 5
6.2.4 Blue TIES Melody 10.6.7 Oops Sim 6
6.2.5 BLUE Ties Glide 10.7 Deutsch
6.2.6 Blue TIES Glide 11.2 Mozart Variations
6.3.1 Good Syntax 11.4.1 Tagalog Happy
6.3.2 Bad Syntax 11.4.2 Tagalog Anger
7.1 Luba 11.4.3 Tagalog Sadness

Thanks to the musicians who've graciously provided their permission for us to deliver these to you.

2. Published Songs (Spotify Required)

Click on the link below to jump to the Music, Thought, and Feeling playlist on Spotify. Here you'll find all the published songs referenced in the Sound Examples, conveniently gathered together into one place. Listen to the previews and if you like, purchase the individual songs.

Are you outside the U.S?: In order to reach the Music, Thought, and Feeling iTunes Playlist, please make sure “United States” is selected as your iTunes Music Store’s regional setting. To change the region of your iTunes Music Store, simply scroll to the bottom of the Music Store main page and click on the drop down menu, labeled "My Store." Select United States. Once you’ve changed the setting, return to this page and click on this link again. You will then be taken to the Music, Thought, and Feeling Playlist. Changing this setting, even temporarily, should not affect any of your other iTunes settings.

Click here for more information on Music, Thought, and Feeling


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