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Music in Words

How the site is organized and how to use it

The book contains a number of references to material and links on this site. The material and links are given in the relevant chapter page of the site.

Click on any of the chapter titles given on the left of this page to go to information specifically related to that chapter. Each chapter page contains:

  • A brief overview of the chapter - with a link to some sample material
  • Material that is specifically cross referenced to this site from the book
  • A brief bibliography or additional reading list
  • Some links to external Web sites relevant to the material in the chapter

The site is designed for those who have a copy of the book; if you do not have a copy and you would like to see some sample pages from it, sample pages are given for each chapter and can be accessed by clicking on the chapter links to the left.

To order a copy of the book, click here.

Part I

Chapter 1 How to write: some basics for shorter writing tasks
Chapter 2 Doing research: a basic method for longer projects
Chapter 3 Using libraries and the Internet
Chapter 4 Scholarly documentation: citing sources
Chapter 5 Using illustrations: notated music, pictures, tables, and other visual representations

Part II

Chapter 6 Language and numbers
Chapter 7 Some musical terms and phrases
Chapter 8 Sources and research tools
Chapter 9 Citations I: The printed word and its electronic equivalents
Chapter 10 Citations II: Musical sources
Chapter 11 Citations III: Other sources

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