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Chemistry Movies Blog

The purpose of this blog is to investigate movies (feature films, documentaries, cartoons, serials, and shorts) that are about chemists or that have storylines involving chemistry. These movies mediate the way the public understands chemists and chemistry. These movies also provide useful material for teaching about the relationship between chemistry and society. Some entries will reveal more about movie production aspects than chemical aspects whereas others will show how real chemistry found its way into particular movies. Some entries will describe research that is still in progress while the entry for A Modern Dr. Jekyll (1909) will reveal the answer to a long-standing mystery. Most of the entries were researched using the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation funds that Marjorie Mikasen and I received to write our book ReAction! Chemistry in the Movies (2009) New York: Oxford University Press. If you are interested, you can download a copy of the movies described in the book here.

Blog Entry Posted Online Title Figures
1 12 July 09 The Contents of Jekyll's Vials
2 26 July 09 A Modern Dr. Jekyll (1909) by Selig Polyscope  
3 09 Aug 09 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1908) by Selig Polyscope  
4 23 Aug 09 The Once-Believed Lost Film Miracle in Harlem (1948)
5 06 Sept 09 The "Guggle Glub Gurgle" Leitmotif of The Man in the White Suit (1951)  
6 20 Sept 09 Short Cuts: Character Development in It Happens Every Spring (1949)  
7 04 Oct 09 Short Cuts and Blow Ups: Explosive Chemistry in The Affairs of Dobie Gillis (1953)  
8 18 Oct 09 Who Designed the Hypertoxin Structure in Moonraker (1979)?
Bond examines vial;

Chemical structure
9 01 Nov 09 Naming the Fictional Vitajex Pill in A Face in the Crowd (1957)
Vitajex composition
10 15 Nov 09 Chemical Ko-Ko, a Black-and-White Silent Cartoon from 1929  
11 29 Nov 09 The Chemistry in Seven of Director Michael Powell's Movies  
12 13 Dec 09 The Elemental Composition of Polydichloric Euthimal in Outland (1981)  
13 27 Dec 09 From Vin Mariani to For His Son (1912)
Vin Mariani bottle
14 10 Jan 09 Invisibility Themes in Silent Movies
Bersakov's bust

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