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Audio Examples

Windows users should left-click to download audio files. Mac users can play files with a single click; to download, hold the control key and click.

If clipping or distortion occurs, please restart play.

See "About the Website" for further audio-related suggestions.

Track Number Caption Listen Download
5.01 Bass voice. (Cosmo Mizry, vocal and Casino with blended pickups.) Download
5.02 * Baritone voice. Note the consistent vibrato on all sustained tones. (Paul Lessard, vocal; Louis Fyne, piano.) Download
5.03 * Tenor voice, contrasting chest, head, falsetto, vibrato, and nasal tones. (Alex Brumel, vocal; Noah Wright, piano.) Download
5.04 * Alto voice. (Nina Sturtz, vocal; Dan Swithue, acoustic guitar for chords and Casino with bridge pickup for lead; Thom Mount, synthesized drums.) Download
5.05 * Soprano voice. Note her use of multiphonics for a gritty sound [0:43]. Also note how the vibrato blooms on her last note, beginning with a full second of a straight, unwavering tone [1:13-1:14]. (Emily Bottorff, vocal; Mary Comstamie, piano.) Download

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