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Journalism is changing. Journalism education is changing. This book is an effort to respond and, in many cases, contribute to those changes. It argues that 21st-century journalists should look more widely, think more deeply and write more engagingly.

• The book is full of suggestions on how journalists might increase the range, profundity, interest and importance of their work.

• It includes numerous strategies for upgrading and enlivening journalistic writing.

• The book also considers how such suggestions and strategies might apply to video, audio and a variety of digital forms of journalism.

• And the examples the book uses are taken, throughout, not from merely acceptable journalism but from some of the best journalism ever published, broadcast or posted in the United States—over the decades, even over the centuries.

• For those who will use this book in a classroom, I have worked ideas for assignments into each of these chapters. Those ideas are accompanied by discussion questions about each of the chapters and by links to various useful and related works, including full versions of the readings excerpted throughout the text.

Brief Table of Contents

Introduction: Aiming Higher
Chapter 1 Wondering: Different Perspectives
Chapter 2 Learning: More Penetrating Approaches
Chapter 3 Wandering: Less Familiar Places
Chapter 4 Recognizing: Deeper Truths
Chapter 5 Pondering: Wiser Understandings
Chapter 6 Enlivening: More Engaging Styles
Chapter 7 Elevating: Finer Wordings
Chapter 8 Sculpting: More Shapely Forms


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