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Josephine Lang

30 Songs
Sharon Krebs, soprano
Harald Krebs, piano
Pamela Highbaugh Aloni, violincello
For texts, see Appendix
1 "Frühzeitiger Frühling" (Premature Spring), "op. 6" no. 3 2:07
2 "Fee'n-Reigen" (Fairy Dance), "op. 3" no. 4, text by Friedrich von Mathisson 2:33
3 "Traumbild" (Dream Image), op. 28 no. 1, text by Heinrich Heine 2:51
4 "Schmetterling" (Butterfly), op. 8 no. 1, poet unknown 3:03
5 "In die Ferne" (Into the Distance), op. 8 no. 2, text by Hermann Klätke 4:43
6 "Ew'ge Nähe" (Eternal Nearness), op. 8 no. 3, text by Agnes von Calatin 2:17
7 "Namenloses" (Nameless [Poems]), text by Apollonius von Maltitz 1:15
8 "Zur Erinnerung an 'Wh.' Aus Maltitz's Namenloser" (In Remembrance of "Wh." From Maltitz's Nameless One [sic]), text by Apollonius von Maltitz 1:48
9 "Du denkst an mich so selten" (You Think of Me So Rarely), op. 26 no. 3, text by August Graf von Platen 3:04
10 "Frühes Sterben" (Early Death), op. 26 no. 4, text by Friedrich Mayer 2:30
11 "Den Abschied schnell genommen" (Take Farewell Quickly), op. 15 no. 1, poet unknown 2:15
12 "Scheideblick" (Parting Glance), op. 26 no. 3, text by Nikolaus Lenau 2:41
13 "O sehntest du dich so nach mir" (If you longed for me), op. 14 no. 1, text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 3:38
14 "'Und noch von dir kein Wort' aus der Novelle 'Die Mathildenhöhle'" ("And still no word from you" from the novella "The Mathilde Cave"), text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 3:11
15 "'Ach ich denke' aus dem Roman 'Die Mathildenhöhle'" ("Oh, I think" from the novel [sic] "The Mathilde Cave"), text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 3:46
16 "Nach dem Abschied" (After the Farewell), op. 9 no. 2, text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 2:55
17 "Zusammen" (Together), op. 26 no. 5, text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 1:55
18 "Abermals am See" (Once Again by the Lake), op. 12 no. 3, text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 2:15
19 "Ob ich manchmal dein gedenke?" (Whether I Sometimes Think of You?), op. 27 no. 3, text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 2:45
20 "Der Herbst" (Autumn), op. 12 no. 5, text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 1:42
21 "Vögelein" (Little Bird), op. 14 no. 5, text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 2:00
22 "1. Julÿ," text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 1:47
23 "Die Wolken" (The Clouds), op. 25 no. 5, text likely by Felix Köstlin 1:03
24 "Leb' wohl, leb' wohl du schöne Welt" (Farewell, Farewell, Beautiful World), op. 29 no. 1, text by Albert Zeller 2:15
25 "Wenn zwei von einander scheiden" (When Two Part), op. 33[34] no. 6, text by Heinrich Heine 2:03
26 "Vorsatz" (Resolve), op. 38[39] no. 1, text by Robert Prutz 1:59
27 "Im reinsten Gold ich treu bewahr'" (Encased in Purest Gold), op. 34[35] no. 1, text likely by Felix Kunde 3:40
28 "Lied des jungen Werner. Am Ufer blies ich ein lustig Stück" (Song of Young Werner. On the Riverbank I Played a Merry Piece), op. 45 no. 2, text by Viktor von Scheffel 2:31
29 "Lied des Katers 'Hiddigeigei'" (Song of the Cat Hiddigeigei), op. 45 no. 5, text by Viktor von Scheffel 3:03
30 "Scheiden" (Parting), op. 43 no. 4, text by C. Reinhold [Köstlin] 3:31

Recording and Mastering: Stop, Look, and Listen ..., Victoria, BC, Canada
Recorded in the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, University of Victoria, 2002, 2003, 2005

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