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As a supplement to The Piano Proficiency Exam Review Book, the videos presented here correspond to each chapter in the book and provide concise, practical tips for developing your piano skills. For each solo piece, we have also included a sample performance.

You can learn much about a piece of music or a specific pianistic skill by taking a step back and analyzing the score and examining the smaller components. In each review, the targeted keyboard skills are built on familiar patterns. These patterns, such as scales, cadences, and arpeggios, form the basis of your piano skills. Becoming fluent in these patterns will help build your confidence and proficiency in keyboard playing.

We hope that you find The Piano Proficiency Exam Review Book and the videos helpful in meeting the goals of your program’s piano study requirements and in developing your own enjoyment of sharing music through the piano.

Click on the tabs to get started with positioning yourself at the piano and preparing yourself for success!

---Lucy Mauro and Scott Beard

We gratefully acknowledge and thank Ms. Amy Speck, videographer and the Shepherd University Department of Music for use of the W.H. Shipley Recital Hall.

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