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Welcome to the companion website for Percussion Pedagogyby Michael Udow. This site features teaching videos and other useful materials that should be consulted while reading the book. You may navigate the site using the links on the left.

A word about the Teaching Videos

The MP4 teaching examples provide a glimpse into the way in which I interact with students in studio lessons.The professor at each participating school selected repertory from a prepared list that I provided.Each teacher then assigned repertory to his or her students.The students had from one week to a month to practice the music in advance of their lessons with me.After our first session together, each student had five days to practice before presenting their work-in-progress to their classmates.You will observe note inaccuracies, technical problems, and musical issues that the students will continue to address after my departure.Phrasing, articulation, dynamics, tone color, rhythm, inner-pulse, Strokes,andStroke-Types, as well as interpretation, were discussed.In some cases, many of the concepts were assimilated successfully.In other cases, students needed more time to absorb the concepts presented, but in all cases, the students exhibited positive changes and an understanding of the information shared with them.There are times when a technical or musical concept is repeated.Observing the subtle yet substantive changes that occur as each student absorbs a concept should prove valuable to the viewer.This process also helps reinforce positive practice habits for the student.In all cases, I was pleased with the integrity and commitment of the students towards the goal of the project and sincerely thank each one of them and their professors for allowing me to share my style of teaching with you.

There is a fifty-six-minute portion of a two-hour clinic that I presented at the University of Wisconsin in January 2018. The clinic was also presented at Ohio University and the University of Colorado. Most of the information contained in this video does not appear in other chapters. I debated where to place this clinic video. The focal point of this book is directed toward the art of teaching one-on-one lessons. Watching this clinic video at the end of Chapter 1 will provide a context of my teaching approach in a group format. This video could have been placed at the end of the book as a culmination of concepts presented earlier in the book. If, when, and where you choose to view it, is up to you.

Additional Supporting Videos

Other video examples amplify key points being discussed. Robert Breithaupt’s drum set videos “will demonstrate fundamental movement, technical and stylistic examples related to the pedagogy of drum set.” The focus of these videos is to demonstrate technical and stylistic approaches in various musical forms. Dennis DeLucia’s marching percussion videos demonstrate his thoughts about “technique and dynamics, and how they apply to all areas of percussion. Segments with the Bunnell High School drumline illustrate some of the common problems inherent in teaching a drumline and offer possible solutions to those problems.”

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