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Now Playing, 2016

Designed specifically for students taking communication courses, Now Playing: Learning Communication Through Film uses a mass medium that is interactive, familiar, and easily accessible to illustrate how communication concepts play out in a variety of situations.

Integrating clips from over seventy films, this vibrant, student-friendly resource, available both online and in print, is updated annually to include films and television shows that have been newly released. The 2016 edition contains scenes from the television shows Mad Men, House of Cards, and Breaking Bad, and new releases of films such as Selma, The Theory of Everything, American Sniper, and many more.

Each entry features details about the scene's context in the film, a brief synopsis, and questions for discussion or written homework assignments. An online forum below invites instructors to post ideas for movies and movie clips to be used in class.

Now Playing can be packaged with any Oxford University Press Communication text at no additional cost. Contact your local OUP sales representative or call 800-280-0280 for more information.

Communication Instructors

   What are your favorite film clips? Are there certain movies which you find especially engage your students? Please share them with us here!

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