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Review Quiz

  1. The word “revelation” means _____.
      a. unveiling
      b. reasoned defense
      c. secret teaching
      d. heavenly journey
  2. Chapters 2 and 3 of the book of Revelation are _____.
      a. a vision of Christ
      b. a tour of hell
      c. letters to churches
      d. descriptions of the destruction of the world
  3. All of the following are true of the genre of apocalypse except _____.
      a. they are first-person narratives
      b. they are among the oldest books of the Hebrew Bible
      c. they contain symbolic visions
      d. they explain the realities of the world
  4. One way that Revelation is different from most apocalypses is _____.
      a. it is not pseudonymous
      b. it is pseudonymous
      c. it has many repetitions
      d. it uses symbolic animals to explain current conditions
  5. Which of the following is an apocalypse in the Hebrew Bible?
      a. John
      b. Adam
      c. Daniel
      d. Isaiah
  6. The author of Revelation _____.
      a. wrote no other books in the New Testament
      b. wrote the Gospel of John
      c. wrote the Johannine epistles
      d. was Jesus' brother
  7. The number of the beast, 666, most likely refers to _____.
      a. Satan
      b. Nero
      c. Herod
      d. Pilate
  8. Name the “great city” referred to in Revelation that was built on seven hills and ruled the world in John's day _____.
      a. Constantinople
      b. Rome
      c. Ephesus
      d. Jerusalem
  9. How many sets of seven major disasters are depicted in Revelation?
      a. one
      b. two
      c. three
      d. four
  10. Which ancient Christian recognized that the book of Revelation was not written by the author of the Gospel of John?
      a. Paul
      b. Athanasius
      c. Dionysius
      d. Peter
  11. Apocalypses often take the form of _____.
      a. historical sketches
      b. epistles
      c. ancient biographies
      d. psalms
  12. The book of Daniel appears to be written approximately how many years after it alleges?
      a. one hundred
      b. two hundred
      c. three hundred
      d. four hundred
  13. To six of the churches, Jesus gives both praises and admonitions. Which is the only church to which Jesus gives no praise to any of its members but only admonition?
      a. Laodicea
      b. Philadelphia
      c. Smyrna
      d. Ephesus
  14. The book of Revelation was probably completed during the reign of which Roman emperor?
      a. Caesar Augustus
      b. Nero
      c. Domitian
      d. Tiberius
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