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Reading Guide

  1. Is the epistle of James a “Christian” book? Which of its teachings seem to be uniquely Christian?

  2. Do you think the views of Paul and James on faith and works can be reconciled? How?

  3. How do the authors of Jude and 2 Peter characterize their opposition? What are the major themes of the letters?

  4. Does it appear that Jesus’ brother wrote the book of Jude? Why or why not?

  5. Does it seem that Peter wrote 2 Peter? Why or why not?

  6. Who wrote the Johannine epistles? What do the letters reveal about their author?

  7. By looking at the letters for clues about context, what can we learn about the social community behind the Johannine epistles? How do these letters respond to this context?

  8. What is Docetism and how was it perceived as a threat to the Johannine community’s Christology?

  9. How do the accusations of immorality made against the secessionists relate to their ideas about Christ?

  10. What do the conflicts illustrated by this chapter reveal about the nature of early Christianity? How does an awareness of intra-Christian conflict relate to the study of the New Testament?

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