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Review Quiz

  1. According to Paul, circumcision _____.
      a. was painful and therefore unnecessary
      b. was of the utmost importance for Christians
      c. made no difference in whether a person was righteous
      d. was a personal choice for Christians
  2. Galatians is unique among the undisputed Pauline letters because _____.
      a. it is a compilation of two letters
      b. it contains no thanksgiving
      c. it is not addressed to a Christian community
      d. it contains no prescript
  3. Paul founded the Galatian churches _____.
      a. by setting up shop in an insula
      b. by preaching in the synagogue
      c. by sending Timothy to the area
      d. when he fell ill in the area
  4. Paul's opponents in Galatia appear to have _____.
      a. questioned Paul's authority to preach
      b. fully supported Paul's gospel
      c. insisted on rebaptizing the Galatians
      d. preached primarily in the local synagogue
  5. Paul countered his Galatian opponents by saying that he _____.
      a. received knowledge about Jesus from the disciples
      b. was an eyewitness to Jesus' ministry
      c. received his knowledge directly from God
      d. had been baptized by John
  6. One way Paul argued against his Galatian opponents was _____.
      a. to point out that the apostles agreed with him
      b. to point to the Gospels
      c. to send Phoebe to them
      d. to work miracles
  7. Which of the apostles joined Paul in Antioch and stopped eating with the Gentiles?
      a. Cephas
      b. James
      c. Titus
      d. Matthew
  8. According to Paul, a person is justified by _____.
      a. adhering to the Law
      b. being circumcised
      c. faith in Christ
      d. believing in the virgin birth
  9. According to Paul, Gentiles fulfill the law by _____.
      a. circumcision
      b. keeping the Sabbath
      c. observing the dietary laws
      d. loving one another
  10. Euodia and Syntyche were _____.
      a. missionaries who traveled with Paul
      b. bishops in Galatia
      c. women causing problems in Philippi
      d. Paul's patrons
  11. Philemon is different from the other undisputed letters because _____.
      a. it is addressed to a church he did not found
      b. it argues against an apocalyptic worldview
      c. it argues that Gentiles must be circumcised
      d. it is addressed to an individual
  12. Onesimus was _____.
      a. a missionary
      b. a slave
      c. one of Jesus' disciples
      d. a slaveholder
  13. Which Pauline letters includes a Christ hymn?
      a. Philemon
      b. Philippians
      c. Galatians
      d. Romans
  14. Paul's letter to the Galatians is best characterized as _____.
      a. friendly
      b. justified
      c. pro-circumcision
      d. angry
  15. What is one likely reason for Paul's relative lack of attention to social inequities?
      a. his apocalyptic outlook
      b. He noted other apostles were taking care of such issues.
      c. the absence of such issues in the Gospels
      d. His correspondence never offered occasions to deal with such issues.
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