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Reading Guide

  1. What kind of literature (or genre) is the book of Acts, and how does it relate, in terms of genre, to the Gospel of Luke?

  2. What important themes of Acts are set forth in the opening account of 1:1–11?

  3. What similarities are there between Peter in the first part of Acts and Paul in the second?

  4. What similarities are there between the apostles in Acts and Jesus in Luke?

  5. What different kinds of speeches are given in Acts, and what kinds of themes do they expound?

  6. How would you summarize Acts in thirty words or less?

  7. How does Acts account for the delay of Jesus’ return?

  8. In what way might we consider Acts as an apologetic work?

  9. How does Acts depict the relationship between Judaism and Christianity?

  10. In your opinion, were this book and its companion volume, the Gospel of Luke, written by Paul’s traveling companion Luke? Why or why not? Why, in brief, did this person write these two books?

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