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Review Quiz

  1. The Köppen climate classification is based on:
      a. evaporation and precipitation
      b. temperatures and precipitation
      c. solar radiation and temperatures
      d. a secret formula that only Köppen knew
  2. The climatic normal is based on the most recent _______ averages.
      a. 10-year
      b. 20-year
      c. 30-year
      d. 50-year
      e. none of these, as there is no constant normal
  3. The lower case f, as in Af, Cf and Df in the Köppen climate classification represents:
      a. rainfall mainly in the fall
      b. rainfall mainly in winter
      c. rainfall mainly in summer
      d. rainfall throughout the year
  4. The steppe or semi-arid grassland climate is denoted as ___ in the Köppen climate classification.
      a. BS
      b. BW
      c. Cs
      d. Cw
      e. Sa
  5. The Köppen climate classification system is based on the grouping of _____.
      a. population
      b. rocks
      c. animals
      d. plants
      e. none of these
  6. In tropical monsoon Asia, where there is a strong seasonal change in rainfall amounts, the Köppen classification is
      a. Am
      b. Af
      c. Cm
      d. mT
  7. The Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic never warm above 10C, but remain above freezing. The Köppen classification for these islands is:
      a. Dw
      b. Df
      c. ET
      d. EF
      e. Brr
  8. In the high mountains where forests are restricted by the cold, the treeline generally persists at an altitude where
      a. summer temperatures are 10C or below
      b. winter temperatures are 10C or below
      c. summer temperatures are below 0C
      d. winter temperatures arebelow 0C
  9. In mountain climates:
      a. more climate zones occur in the horizontal than vertical
      b. more climate zones occur in the vertical than the horizontal
      c. cannot be classified using Köppen
      d. use the Köppen classification M
  10. Mediterranean or Cs Köppen climate is generally found:
      a. on the east coast of continents near the subtropics
      b. on the west coast of continents near the subtropics
      c. near the Great Lakes and interior waterways
      d. only in southern Europe
  11. A study involving 50 years of tornado data would probably be considered:
      a. meteorology
      b. geography
      c. climatology
      d. history
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