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Welcome to the Companion Website for Klezmer: Music, History and Memory by Walter Zev Feldman. You will find two chapters online:

Appendix 2: Archaic Folk Dances: Koylitsh Tants, Patsh-Tants, Shtok, Shuster

Appendix 3: Regional Centers of the Klezmorim: 1: Vilna 2: Volhynia and Podolia: Berdichev. 3: Galicia . 4: Moldova.

There are three musical notations:

Introduction: 00.01
Aaron Beer (1791) no. 357.

Chapter 10: 10.10
Beregovski Sher 191

Chapter: 14.14
Beregovski Skotshne 33

The reader is directed to several recorded musical examples, some of which are online here, while others can be found on available websites or on commercial CDs.

Example 8.11

Yürük Semai in Makam Gülizar, Isak Fresco-Romano (d. 1814). Bezmara Music Ensemble: Tanburi Isak. Produced by Fikret Karakaya and Walter Feldman. Track 10. Thessaloniki: EnChordais, 2005.

Example 10.5

Belf’s Romanian Orchestra, “Mayufis,” 1912. Cited as A Dreidl (Mayufis), from the playing of Cimbalists Lepianski, cited in Findeisen, 1926.

Example 10.9

Beregovski Gas Nign no. 72. The Alexander Fitterstein Trio: Live at Music Mountain, track 1.

Chapter 14

Example 14.1

Mitzve Tenzel. FAU Judaica Archives. Israel J. Hochman’s Orchestra, (Brunswick Records: 40001-A, August 1921).

Example 14.2

Khosidl. Belf Orchestra, 1912. (Klezmer Music: Early Yiddish Instrumental Music: 1908-1927. Arhoolie Folklyric CD 7034, track 20).

Example 14.8

Khasin u Rabina, as recorded by the Belf Orchestra, 1914

Example 14.9

Nokh Gavdule (Nokh Havdole), as recorded by the Belf Orchestra, 1911.

Chapter 15

Example 15.1

Tatavliano Hasapiko, Istanbul, as recorded by Antonio Paptzis, accordion, Athens, 1930.

Example 15.2

Slow Hasapiko Politiko, as recorded by Antonio Papatzis, accordion, Athens, 1930.

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