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About the Book

Drawing Essentials is unlike any other higher education drawing textbook in its scope, its clarity, its illustrations, and its value/cost. It respects the important tradition of drawing from observation while also embracing the breadth of contemporary drawing practices in the hands of artists of all generations. Drawing Essentials is not simply a textbook, but an invaluable resource for students and teachers alike. Over 550 high quality illustrations accompany clear and accessible writing that focuses on foundational drawing, figure drawing and anatomy, perspective, traditional drawing materials and processes, color theory and the use of color drawing media, critique strategies, idea generation and development, experimental and non-traditional drawing materials and processes, a gallery of contemporary drawings accompanied by informative artist’s statements, a comprehensive glossary of terms, and more. Accompanying all of these areas of inquiry is a collection of the highest quality illustrations that include successful and instructive student drawings from beginning through advanced level work, drawings by revered historical and contemporary masters, and drawings from a wide range of contemporary artists for whom drawing is a significant component of their studio practice. Many of today’s drawing textbooks narrowly focus on a single topic—basic drawing or figure drawing or color theory or experimental drawing—leaving students with significant expense as they purchase overpriced textbooks semester after semester that are narrow in scope. And in most cases, these books are returned at the end of each semester, lacking the potential to serve as a wide-ranging and timeless reference for students and/or faculty. Drawing Essentials is packed full of useful, interesting, and instructive text and imagery, well worth every penny!

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