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Music in East Africa

Welcome to the companion page for Music in East Africa, by Gregory Barz. On this page you will find a number of useful resources.


"It is in recognition of the importance of ngoma in East African cultures that Oxford University Press has released a new book on East African music. Music in East Africa (2004) by American scholar Gregory Barz, covers Kenyan D.O. Misiani's art and discusses benga, chakacha, and other genres of East African music culture....Music in East Africa joins several studies of East African music to help further research in the areas. Professor Gregory Barz's book will definitely inspire other studies of song, music and dance in Africa. I highly recommend it."
--Evan Mwani, The Daily Nation (Kenya)

"Gregory Barz's Music in East Africa...introduc(es) readers to the historical and modern musical performances unique to East Africa. Chapters in his Music in East Africa select individual musicians working in both traditional and contemporary fusions of sounds. Add eyewitness accounts of performances and descriptions of how musical performances interact with local social systems and you have a blend of music theory and anthropology unique to this series."
--D. C. Donovan, Editor, WorldDiscoveries.net

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