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Revising for exams


“Start revising early.”
Rebecca Rawlinson, University of Bath

“Have a plan in when you will study and stick to your schedule.”
Helen V. Smith, University of Salford

Take every opportunity go to every revision session.”
Cara Rees, Cardiff University

“Practice example exam questions.”
Hoi Ping Jim, Cardiff University

“Revise regularly, do not leave till the last minute.”
Pearl Chan, Queen Mary University of London

“If you want to aim for the really top marks for your exam, sometimes learning what is taught in lectures isn't enough, extra reading around the subject will really give you the extra edge on your answers.”
Carmen Tong, University of Nottingham

“After you have finished the revision, go over the past exam papers and make sure you are able to answer them and questions similar to them.”
Samiha Abubakkar Ghanchi, Queen Mary University of London

“Start revision in plenty of time - there is a lot more to learn and understand at university.”
Laura Jacobs, Oxford Brookes University