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Managing Your Time


“Have a good balance of work and play. Don't try and do too much.”
Emma Yhnell, Cardiff University

“Make a note of when any work is due and spread out the work so it is more manageable.”
Natalie Payne, Queen Mary University of London

Plan your time. Know all the deadlines.”
Joanna Czerwinska, Queen Mary University of London

“Organise your time well, don’t leave things late, not only will they be rushed, you may have forgotten the subject area.”
Lee Dunham, Cardiff University

“Keep up with reading as you go along so you don’t have to do it all at once.”
Gareth Platt, University of Leeds

“Be organised and don't rely on others for information, deadlines etc.”
Martina Stiasny, University of St Andrews

“Do your assignments as they are set; don't leave them till the last minute!”
Clare Barber, University of Sunderland

“Be prepared: give yourself enough time to get the work done by making a plan.”
Emily Boothroyd, University of Nottingham

“Do your work when you get it and don't put it off just because you can the deadline will come upon you faster than you think.”
Rebekah Hughes, Leeds Metropolitan University