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Whole site This discipline's products


Going to lectures


“Go to lectures. Seriously.”
Daisy Gooch, Cardiff University

“Learn note-taking skills.”
Ayyaz Ahmad, Aston University

Prepare for lectures - you remember and understand more from lectures and it saves a lot of work before exams!”
Aleksandra Dabrowska, University of Essex

“Read through your lecture notes after a lecture.”
Hannah Mitchell, Cardiff University

“Go to your lectures and listen, don't worry about writing everything down as there will probably be electronic notes but do try to follow the lecture!”
Roweida Sammour, University of Leeds

“Read around lectures to make sure you understand the content ASAP don’t leave it until revision time.”
Roweida Sammour, University of Leeds

“Ensure you are prepared for the lecture beforehand because it saves you time when it comes to revision.”
Nargis Begum, Queen Mary University of London

“First year science courses always cover the basics to get everyone up to the same level, if you think it is really easy then stick with it and you'll be surprised what you learn, you don't know everything and it will give you a nice foundation for future modules.”
Daniel Wendon, University of Hull