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Success in assignments


“Try and retain a sense of proportion about assignments.”
Ruth Loebl, University of Nottingham

“Always ask for help if you need it. Don’t struggle on your own.”
Vicki Shortland, University of Worcester

Take plenty of time when doing essays and reports; never leave till the last minute.”
Neelam Aslam, Aston University

“Take the time to plan and get information and references first before starting essays.”
Charlotte Elsender, Cardiff University

“Learn how to reference properly.”
Mark Philpott, Cardiff University

“Find out from day one how to cite properly and avoid plagiarism.”
Nicola Edwards, University of St Andrews

“Learn scientific writing syle.”
Ayyaz Ahmad, Aston University

“If you have an essay/report to write do all your research in plenty of time before the deadline and write references as you go along rather than leaving it all to the last minute.”
Jennifer Pratt, Aston University

“Do not put a presentation together in the last hour before you present it. They will know.”
Emma Hazelgrave, Leeds Metropolitan University

“Practice a presentation before you are required to present it.”
Daniel Patterson, University of Leeds

“Give yourself enough time to complete a piece of work - don’t rush it in a day!”
Vicki Shortland, University of Worcester