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Advice for Science Students

We asked members of our Bisocience and Chemistry student panels what advice they would give to new science undergraduates. On these pages you'll find their tips on getting the most out of your university experience and links to books that can help you really excel on your course.

Want to use your university experience to help future students get the most out of their degree? Find out more about our Bioscience and Chemistry Student Panels.

The basics

“University is a completely different world compared to what you’re used to so take every opportunity you get and make the most of it. Most importantly, enjoy yourself.”
Reetika Suri, Queen Mary University of London

“Talk to students doing your course in the years above you about available units, coursework, anything and everything because they have already gone through it all.”
James Nicholas Sleigh, University of Oxford

“Take advantage of having a tutor, they are there to help you.”
Daniel Patterson, University of Leeds

“Ask many questions to older students and tutors. You might feel stupid, but it can help so much and most tutors are really nice and helpful.”
Martina Stiasny University of St Andrews

“Work done in the first and second years really pays off in the third.”
Ruth Loebl, University of Nottingham

“Use your module guides - they are there to help you.”
Jade Wallis, Leeds Metropolitan University 

“Choose topics that interest you, even if you have heard they will be difficult, as it is much easier to understand something that you want to learn about.”
James Nicholas Sleigh, University of Oxford

“Discuss with friends and lecturers. Don't keep your problems quiet.”
Nantaprapa Nantiyakul, University of Nottingham

“It’s good to live with someone who’s at least doing a remotely related course. Living with an arts student if you’re a science student is not great.”
Magdalena Bojarska, Trinity College Dublin

“Make friends with people outside your course as well as on it.”
Reetika Suri, Queen Mary University of London

“Don’t stress out about what everyone else is doing, be it study or course wise. If you keep up your work, you'll do just as well, everyone is different, and we make different choices!”
Magdalena Bojarska, Trinity College Dublin