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Improving employability

With graduate jobs more scarce than ever, it's important for your professional development if you have some skills and experience outside of your academic qualifications that can be used in employment. Our panellists give their best tips to improving your employability.

I am fortunate enough to go to a university with a specific employability team so I have been able to tap into that advice and knowledge from the start. Ensure you are aware of your transferable skills and take up other opportunities e.g. sport, societies etc to build these. Focus on both strengths and weaknesses to build your overall profile up.
Dean Bamforth, Nottingham Trent University

Be involved in working for your university, clubs, and societies. Do internships in the summers. Go to networking events and explore the industry you wish to work in.
Jazmine Outerbridge, Birkbeck University

You can do internships, attend competitions or start your own projects like a startup
Wooyoung Joo, Birkbeck University

Studying abroad, internships, societies, volunteering, anything that demonstrate you as an individual that went above and beyond what is required at university will reflect well once graduated.
Sam Stevenson, Nottingham Trent University

Volunteering! It's good fun, rewarding and helps develop skills.
Faye Dysch, Nottingham Trent University

Socialize, and make a good connection with your study friends and professors.
Mihail Aittokallio, Linnaeus University

Join Societies! If there's events or opportunities that can help your academic growth, go for it.
Rizwana Bi, Aston University

A few extracurricular things on the CV are good, but nothing beats a good internship.
Hans Schoemaker, University of Leicester

Get involved with the Sports and Societies, actively participate in student democracy, volunteer, travel, get a part-time job, have fun! Everything you do will shape you as person and make you more competitive in the employment industry.
Dora Vrkic, University of Bradford