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What was the best advice our panellists received?

Sometimes the best advice you can give is some that you received yourself. We asked our panellists what the best advice they received was, relating to their time at university. Here are some responses:

Don't forget to take care of yourselves e.g eating 'healthy', exercising, socialising are important to maintain a healthy mind and attitude.
Achilleas Drakou, University of Westminster

Do not stress, every day is a new opportunity to succeed.
Mihail Aittokallio, Linnaeus University

Step out of your bubble, ask for help, be productive independently and most importantly enjoy what your are being taught.
Sana Nasir, University of Hertfordshire

Always be ready to ask and learn, don't think for a second about looking stupid.
Wooyoung Joo, Birkbeck University

Make sure you work hard and efficiently but also make sure you enjoy yourself and discover your potential.
Conor Lee, Liverpool John Moores University

Do an erasmus exchange.
Lisa Deakin, Glasgow Caledonian University

It goes by very quickly. Do whatever it is you want to do now, be it travel or whatever it is that will help you to grow into yourself. Do it now.
Jazmine Outerbridge, Birkbeck University

Don't panic in first year, just try find your feet and get ready for the harder part.
Chloe Lansbury, Aston University

Enjoy it, you're only young.
James Forster, University of Hertfordshire

It is a few years of your life that you will never forget. And they will change your life in many ways.
Leah Sibindi, Glasgow Caledonian University

Get the most out of the resources the university provides. You're paying for the whole service.
Ruhena Begum, University of East London

I remember being told in a lecture: 'sure, you could not do your seminar reading and sit at the back of the class and say nothing. It's easy to do and the chances are you'll still get by. But what an awful way to spend £9,000.' After university you will never again have the same amount of freedom to truly engross yourself in genuinely interesting topics. Make use of the amazing opportunity you have.
Luke Dunn, University of Bath

University can be quite an intense time but don't let anything build up to the extent that it becomes a huge task (work, washing up, social life, sleep etc.).
Harry Smith, University of Exeter

Take every day as it comes and be open to new ideas and opportunities. Limiting your thinking and perceptions is the worst thing to do at university.
Arushi Prasad, University of Nottingham