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Resources for business students

The business world is constantly changing, which makes studying business a challenge, but also an incredibly rewarding one. Your first year studying business at university represents a very steep learning curve, both in terms of the degree itself and university life. We thought we could help flatten out that curve a little, so we asked our busines student panellists a few questions to see what hints and tips they could give you. You'll find some of the best answers on these pages.

Basic advice for your business degree

A genuine interest in the subject is required, as a large amount of your time will be dedicated to this field. In addition to this, business is such an interesting topic as the theory learned can be seen being used in real life on a day to day basis. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that all business students pay attention to current affairs and business news, as it will often portray in practice what you are learning.
Sam Stevenson, Nottingham Trent University

Be prepared and stay organised. Keep your work organized so you can look back easily when it comes to exam time.
Lisa Deakin, Glasgow Caledonian University

Attend every lecture and seminar. Take notes, if they don't make sense then you know where to start. This will build your understanding and come exam time you'll be on top of your studies.
Jazmine Outerbridge, Birkbeck University

The most basic advice would be to ensure you attend all lectures and seminars and complete any required pre-seminar work or associated readings. More importantly, I would advise students to seek clarification or obtain answers to any questions they may have from your seminar tutors and lecturers at the earliest opprtunity whilst it is fresh in your mind.
Dean Bamforth, Nottingham Trent University

Make the most of all opportunities and become fully involved in the university, making sure you do well in your first year.
Oliver Gilding, Leeds Beckett University

Seek help when you need it, don't go through stress alone.
Leah Sibindi, Glasgow Caledonian University