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Student resources

To give you a helping hand through your university experience, we’ve put together a collection of resources that will support you outside your studies, including advice for your first few days at university, video guidance to boost your job prospects, and expert tips for managing your finances.

  • Want to know what to expect from your first year at university? See advice from current students who’ve already been there and survived their first years.
  • Have your say about our textbooks. Join one of our student panels to tell us what you think about our books and to help shape textbooks of the future.
  • Free online resources to accompany your textbooks. Including self-test questions, diagrams, extra chapters, updates, useful links, timelines, interactive flashcards, and more.
  • A student guide to personal finance. Authors Jane King and Mary Carey discuss their top tips for keeping on top of your budget, handling your student loan, and choosing a student bank account.
  • Coming soon: enhance your employability with video advice from people at every stage of the application process and in a range of industries.
  • Coming soon: tips and techniques to ace your assignments.


Have you found these resources useful? Is there anything else you’d like to see on here? Let us know by emailing us or leaving your feedback online.

Subject-specific resources

Resources for Law Law Resources for Science Science Resources for Social Science Social Science